Yes, I am a Christian.


Yes, I am a Christian.
No, I don’t hate gays.
No, I won’t shove the Bible down your throat.
No, I won’t tell non-Christians they’ll go to hell.
And no, I am no better than anyone else.
I was saved, by the Almighty King, and was put, on this planet, to love Him and the people He made, and to share the Gospel. Period.

I desire the things that will destroy me in the end
Sylvia Plath (via we-broke-our-mirr0rs)

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dont worry kiddo, when tumblr is telling you youre a piece of shit for existing as who you are, you can just log off and go back to your life of luxury 



I wish I was Medusa, so I could turn all these basic bitches into stone if they as much as looked me in the eye.

Also I have a feeling that snakes as hair might be more manageable.

This is awk but medusa could actually only turn men to stone… So I’m afraid you’re stuck with the basic bitches for now